Friday, January 4, 2008

My precious

So i shamelessly admit I helped orchestrate my own proposal at least the ring selection... I knew i wanted white gold princess cut and something kind of pretty and dainty i had hoped for something a little vintage maybe with some filagree but when i found my ring in its unique classy setting i was sold... I quickly gave it to my mom so when Stev was ready to pop the question she could point him to my perfect ring. I was even concientious about price i didn't go pick out a $5000 ring... I couldn't imagine... Steve and I have always kind of looked at money as our money since we got serious about our relationship there was no way we could justify him spending a fortune on a ring it was out of he question... i'm thankful we didn't break the bank and I still have a beautiful ring that will be timeless... I'm even more excited that we found a band that looks like it was made to go with my ring... I CAN'T wait to have my wedding band cuz it means i'll be married!!! As much as i love my engagement ring i want the set haha i wanna look at my left hand and smile sweetly and be reminded with every sparkle that I'm Steve's wife.
Sometimes tho even without the set it will catch the light just right and it sends a happy little shiver of joy thru me!

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Danae said...

I know exactly what you mean! And your ring is beautiful-I think it fits you perfectly!