Saturday, January 23, 2010

To wrap my baby bunting in... part 2

So I have it... I didn't plan on buying it but I just happened to have an opportunity to pop into Michael's yesterday and well a trip to Michael's without looking at yarn is a wasted trip. I started grabbing skeins off the racks... a skein of red, a pretty orange, a brown as rich as chocolate and a tangle of blue. How did that get in there I hadn't planned on blue but before I knew it I had 7 or 8 skeins in my arms cuddling them close. They're all so soft and silky feeling. I know it will slip thru my fingers so gently into a delicious snuggly blankie for my baby boy! I wasn't gonna buy it (have I mentioned what a cheap skate I can be?) I could wait I rationalized to myself looking down at the armful of yarn that could potentially wrap around my Jeriah. I was ready to put it all back with a sigh. Then I looked closer and saw the sale sign. That was all I needed :) I am a girl after all.
I still have no idea how these are going to come together how they'll tangle up into something my boy will love forever. I'll look for patterns eventually or make up my own I'm thinking stripes or blocks or a slight modification off the first blanket from my original post (Everyone voted unanimously for it!) I keep telling myself it has to be perfect. I have the perfect silky yarn and the perfect colors. I must have the perfect pattern but then the words of a friend echo in my head and that's all I need to quiet the "must-be-perfect-demon" within me (Thank you Angel!)

"It will be special cause MAMA made it."

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oompa Loompa.....

So the jury is still out on whether I "LOOK"pregnant or not. Some people say yes some say no.
A few girls at work insist I'm showing from behind. Steve says my behind looks the same as always. Others tell me how great I look and that its good that I'm not just exploding out. One woman today said I was the only pregnant woman she'd ever met to look thinner and better the more pregnant I got. One woman told me she'd always thought I was pregnant (Hows THAT for a compliment?? How am I supposed to interpret that? LOL) Others still comment frequently on how they can't wait til I'm all fat round and cute and How come I'm not showing yet. They all agree I have "the glow" I'm not sure I've figured out what that means just yet but ok...
Whats my opinion you may ask? Well I still don't think I'm showing in the traditional sense. My tummy is bigger and rounder but Steve an I are the only ones that really see that and I haven't had to buy Maternity clothes my fat clothes still fit. I no longer look in the mirror and think "Hey I look good" I certainly don't think I look bad if I think anything I just think I look like I've gained weight. Today I was in the bathroom at work and sizing myself up in the mirror and a thought came to me. I don't really look pregnant but I look Oompa-Loompa shaped. Hows that? The thought has led me to ask Steve to take our first official "pregnancy" picture...
So May I present to you Deaira Goble at 23 weeks pregnant with Baby #1 Jeriah Daniel Goble...
What do you think? Showing? not showing? Same old Dea? Should I paint my face orange dye my hair green and move to a chocolate factory? I'd probably show after a week living in a room with a chocolate river and candy flowers :)
As a side note... At the rate I've been eating lately it probably won't be too much longer before I'm showing. Last night a "snack" turned into a pint of coffee ice cream, a dinner sized portion of ham. Today I came home early from work cuz I felt weak and dizzy I ate a personal size deep dish pizza a bagel with cream cheese, 3 scrambled eggs and more ham. I've also drank about 96oz of water so far today and I'm still thirsty. I may need to have a chat soon with my son about how mommy doesn't want him to weigh more than about 8 lbs until after he's living outside of her... :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

What Gobles Gobble...Whats in Dea's Soup...

Have I ever spent time extolling the virtues of soup? Soup in almost every form is one of my most favorite things to eat. Its warm its hearty it evokes memories its always different its always satisfying. Soup is one of the most versatile foods ever. Every culture in the world has some kind of soup. Americans eat soup, a can of chicken noodle soup might as well be right next to NyQuil at the drug store. Chinese soups like won ton and hot and sour are in my top favorites! When I have a head cold Hot and Sour soup always does the trick. Then we have some of the more exotic soups... Pho oh my dear sweet savory Pho from Vietnam. I'm sad I haven't really craved you since I've been pregnant but I still love you so much! Not to mention Japanese Ramen or Basque cabbage soup like my grandma used to make! I don't know if this post will be a real recipe so much as a formula... I make homemade soup quite often! I always make it in my giant crock pot ( 7.5 quarts of soupy goodness) and I always freeze what we don't eat which also makes for 2-3 soup dinners which are as simple as plop frozen cube o soup in pot and bring to a boil serve with some type of bread or toasted sandwich and dinner is served!

My soup formula: (for Broth based soups)
1-2 quarts of stock, ( Chicken, Beef, or Vegetable stock, even V8)
2 small onions, chopped
4-5 stalks of celery chopped
2-3 carrots, chopped
Garlic 4-6 cloves chopped
salt and pepper to taste (depending on other factors)
You can add water if you need it brothier. The stock is a flavor base to get you started you're going to add additional flavors as well!

Bean soup:
Add 1 can chopped tomatoes, 1 bag 15 bean soup mix, ham hock or chopped ham.

Vegetable soup:
Add any and all manner of vegetables! Seriously as many as you want as much as you want! I always use stock and V8 in veg soup! Chopped cabbage, all those greens we're supposed to eat, green beans, potatoes, you can even put grains and beans in it like barley and lentils! The freezer and bulk food section of the grocery store can be helpful here and/or you can practice your knife skills! :) for Minestrone add Italian herbs, pasta and don't forget to top with Parmesan cheese! (Someday I'm gonna buy a parmesan cheese rind at whole foods to cook in the pot with my soup!!)

Beef soup:
Use leftover bits of a beef roast or steak, chopped into small pieces. Add 1 can chopped tomatoes and any veggies you like! I especially like Barley in Beef soup it reminds me of my Grandma!

Chicken soup:
I keep pretty traditional! Follow the formula put bone in chicken pieces in the pot and allow it all to cook together. Pull the chicken off the bone once cooked! Add a small pinch of curry powder and some parsley. Decide if you're gonna add rice, pasta or dumplings :) I add rice or pasta 1-2 hours before the soup is finished with dumplings I wait til about 30 min before the soups done.

I always cook soup low and slow for several hours!(Crock pot on lowest setting over night is my preferred method) Soup is always at its best when its homemade! You know whats in it you can control the ingredients the flavor! I haven't made a bad pot yet! Its winter its cold what could be better than a warm bowl of soup! :)