Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A day of 100 cravings....

I think I had more cravings today than any other. I have no idea what brought it on if it was just hunger or if I'm just pregnant. The day started out normal enough. I had a sesame bagel with vegetable cream cheese for breakfast it was delicious and it was all downhill from there. Upon completion of the first bagel I wanted a second this time with peanut butter. Lightly toasted with smooth creamy nutty peanut butter. Sadly, I was lacking for peanut butter at the time. The day moved along and I wanted yummy steamed cauliflower in creamy gooey cheese sauce. My mouth watered all day I was unable to shake the thoughts of these delicious treats. I remembered my craving from yesterday deliciously juicy medium rare steak. I could almost taste the beefiness! I was fixated on this pile of yummy treats and the pile kept growing... Next came coffee ice cream cool and creamy rich and yummy. Then stupid me start sharing my cravings with co-workers before too long sushi, Authentic Japanese Ramen, fried chicken, cinnamon rolls, Nachos, cookies, crab legs and all other manner of seafood jumped on top. There were also thoughts of pepsi followed by a thirst for mineral water which has replaced pepsi in my world for the time being... Then I came home and started reading my food blog oh me oh my along came donuts to the pile and a yummy greek Gyro! Add in my non-stop cravings for Eggs Benedict with runny yolks, soft warm yeasty bread and port of subs. I think if thoughts and cravings could make you gain weight I would have far exceeded the recommended 15lb weight gain my doctor suggests. Good thing I'm still down by 7lb from my pre-pregnancy weight!! YIPPEE! Its also a blessing Steve and I really only go to the store once a week so I didn't have anything really on hand to eat any of these things! That will probably be my secret to not gaining 50lbs... Sure is fun to think about tho...

On a side note its been day #2 of heartburn. There's hope my baby won't be bald!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jeriah's frogs...

Have I mentioned before how much my husband loves frogs? I dunno how or where but he decided he loves frogs and collects them. We have big fuzzy frogs and small lazy frogs... For valentine's day he even got me a pink frog holding a heart that says kiss :) Our babies will be watched over by a collection of soft cuddly plushy frogs. The first anything we bought our baby was a froggy onesie. For Christmas this year Daddy bought Jeriah a froggy sleeper that says "I love you" and Grandma Elwell and Cousin Izaiah gave us lots of precious froggy things for Our boy! I'm very partial to the froggy slippers that will keep tiny baby feet warm! We even bought Jeriah his very first cuddly frog. Mommy couldn't leave him at the store and he was only $2.50 :)
A funny thing about frogs in relation to our son. Steve and I watch this Japanese Anime and one of the characters name is Jiraiya. He's a funny old ninja with... an army of toads. He's referred to respectfully as the "Toad Sage" I guess you could say Jiraiya kind of led us towards the name for our boy. We liked the name it sounded cool and maybe even biblical? So we researched it and we found Jeriah which means "Jehovah has seen" . We didn't have to think or look anymore we had our baby boy's name. He would be Jeriah. Our little toad sage seen by Our Lord and watched over by an army of cuddly frogs(that will grow in number quickly at the rate we're going!)
I find myself pretty excited at this idea of a little froggy boy. There's something special about little boys. Their enthusiasm and impish faces. Their desire to make mud pies and play with worms. At the moment all I can think about is a squishy little baby so tiny with a smooshy little face for me to kiss and tiny little toes for me to tickle. I can't wait to snuggle him against me! Its funny how deeply I've fallen in love with this little boy over the last week of knowing who he is. And the journey is only beginning... Ribbit Ribbit

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hello in there!

Hello in there...
Who are you little one... I realized yesterday that I can't wait to have a name for the child that is making me nauseous and or causing me to grab my tummy after a sharp little jolt of pain! It would be nice to start this whole discipline thing early ya know...Emma Grace don't make mommy's tummy twinge like that or Jeriah Daniel Mommy will eat a graham cracker in just a minute be patient. Sometimes I'm sad that it won't be a surprise but I'm accepting and seeing some benefit to knowing who's in there. I'm afraid to think one way or the other who it is I'm afraid I'll be disappointed which is silly because I wouldn't be disappointed either way. A Sweet Emma would mean cute frilly clothes and a baking partner for mommy. She would mean hair to braid and a niece for Uncle Andy and Uncle Ryan! I would get to teach her to be a big sister and give her my most treasured baby doll! A little Jeriah would mean overalls and super Mario t-shirts he would be a little gaming buddy for his Daddy and a little brother figure for Izaiah which would be good. He would be upholding The Goble Family tradition of first born boys! How could I possibly be disappointed at either outcome.
Sometimes I think I feel my munchkin in there when I'm laying in bed. It feels like their doing aerobics moving so fast that can't be right... can it? Or I feel like the faintest tiniest little bitty thumps? That could all be in my head. Sometimes I'll put my hand on my tummy and think I feel things then I realize ohh that's my own heartbeat! I should be feel something soon and know for sure that my baby is playing with my insides! Maybe I have been for a month and I'm just afraid to believe that it really is my baby dancing inside me! I'm kind of eager for this experience to be a little more real a little more tangible. I think most of the time I forget I'm pregnant cuz I don't really feel or look pregnant. ( so long as I've had a snack) That stage where I hate all of my clothes and feel fat and self conscious is fast approaching! (Dear Santa for Christmas may I have a new pair or 2 of pants and a black and white bella band? ) My husband still tells me I'm beautiful! I love him! :) Other people too tell me I look good I'm gonna store it up for when I really do feel fat and ugly! I don't think you'd know it to look at me that I'm 5 months pregnant. I haven't taken a single picture cuz when I look in the mirror I still see myself. I wanna take pictures and see my baby and me! I wanna be able to look back someday and show my baby see that's when you were in mommy's tummy! :)
I've been reading too much... too much about Breast feeding, cloth diapering, home birthing and too much about vaccinations! With so many ideas and opinions it's so easy to get confused or question what is right. There are things I know for sure... I know I will breastfeed for as long as I can and my baby wants to! I know I will use cloth diapers cuz they're cute and we'll save so much money and it seems like the right thing to do! I know someday I would like to have a baby at home if I'm able! Vaccinations well that might require more reading and prayer...
In one more week we'll know and my world will never be the same... It hasn't been the same since I peed on 4 sticks one Sunday morning :) There's something about knowing though. We can't wait to know who God is knitting together in my belly! That will be a joyous thing! My baby can hear me soon and I can't wait to sing to it. I can't wait to sit on the couch and hold my big belly and sing to it about My Father's love! I can't wait to stop calling the poor kid IT!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

What Gobles Gobble... It will be mine... someday...

So I'm inspired one of the foodie blogs I frequent ( is having a giveaway and not just any giveaway oh no a giveaway for the the #1 culinary desire of my heart... Behold a Kitchen-aid stand mixer! (sadly not in this gorgeous boysenberry color but for free who cares what color it is!) Can you hear the Hallelujah Chorus?? I know the chances of me actually winning it are slim but all that's required is that I post an itty bitty blog about my favorite holiday food which I've been meaning to do anyways because I haven't posted a recipe in forever and the potential thrill of that beauty sitting on my counter top whipping egg whites or kneading cinnamon rolls... or making pasta with a spiffy add on or shredding cheese *sigh* it makes my little heart pitter patter. Now that you all know what I'm dreaming of... on to business that recipe thing...

Broccoli Bake... As long as I can remember my mom has made this for Christmas, Thanksgiving or both its ridiculously simple ridiculously easy and ridiculously horrible, fattening and bad for you to eat... but on holidays we're supposed to indulge right? :) I craved this non-stop for a week before Thanksgiving and pregnancy had nothing to do with it. I wanted the cheesy gooey crunchy broccoli goodness baked up and spooned on my plate. Broccoli is very very good for you afterall hehehe! Steve who's previous favorite holiday food was always Green Bean Casserole will now willingly confess the Broccoli Bake is #1 since he met me! Now onto the recipe:

Broccoli Bake
4 pkg frozen chopped Broccoli (about 40 oz)
1 lb loaf Velveeta cheese, cut into cubes
40-50 Ritz crackers, crushed ( sometimes I'll put crushed in the casserole and whole cracker on top to be pretty and don't feel limited with 40-50)
1 stick (1/2 c.)Butter, melted
salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 350 degrees (F) In a saucepan cook Broccoli until hot, then stir in Velveeta and stir to coat its not necessary that all the cheese melts just so that that Broccoli is coated and saucy. Season to taste with salt and pepper and stir in half of the crushed Ritz Crackers. Spread into a greased baking dish (13"x9") and top with remaining crackers then pour melted butter over top. Bake for 30 min until hot and bubbly.

I hope someone will try it and love it as much as we do... Oh and if anyone sees a blog giveaway for a Le Creuset Dutch oven... let me know as that would resolve Culinary desire #2 tee hee!