Monday, December 31, 2007

Samosas anyone?? Naan for me…

Steve and I met and one of the first things we found we had in common was food… We both have adventurous appetites for new cuisines and exotic flavors. Before I met Steve I had been praying God would just send me a friend I could go have Thai food with or Sushi…. Something new and original… I hit the jackpot with my fiancĂ©… He surprised me with Thai food on our first date… since I came home from Texas I think he and I have eaten every single one of our favorite ethnic foods… We’ve had Pho noodles ( a DELICIOUS Vietnamese noodle soup) and we’ve had Chinese which is one of my favorites we’ve has sushi ( his most favorite) and today we had Indian food… I feel so spoiled…. I missed every one of these foods when I was in Texas especially Pho and sushi tho! Ok and I never can say no to a good curry with some naan….
Steve and I just bond over food we did instantly on our first date… We went to Bangkok Cuisine and we ordered Calamari, (they truly have the best calamari!!!) yellow curry and ginger chicken… We spent the entire meal asking each other silly things like mmm do you taste that is that coconut milk… mm it is set off with just a touch of garlic and peanut sauce *eyes rolling in blissful delight*
I knew before I ever met Steve I couldn’t marry anyone who couldn’t appreciate food like I did or who was a picky eater. It just wouldn’t fly with me… Steve and I will try just about anything we can and I LOVE it… and the man is so excited that I can cook he brags to all of his friends… I feel special… I’m just so glad we share an interest and excitment for food haha we’ve been talking about what kind of new and unique cuisine we can find and try on our honeymoon… Moroccan maybe… a tagine with cous cous lamb and currants… or how about another adventure in flat breads and we go Ethiopian… I definitely know there’s a trip to Chinatown in our future for some dim sum and we’d roll our eyes in delight if we could find a real ramen shop in San Francisco… and with all the abundant seafood in the Bay area I know there’s a truly memorable sushi roll waiting to be devoured… Cheers to the man of my dreams and his gourmet taste buds….

Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Journey

Steve and I met April 3, 2006.... That is to say we met in person. We became aware of each other about a week before that. We met on Myspace.... For a more detailed story of how we met check out our wedding website... While you're there sign the guestbook :) In anycase We knew fairly soon after we met that we were meant to get married... I don't know how to explain it. It wasn't really love at first sight It was just a knowledge God revealed to us quickly. At least for me... You'd have to ask Steve for his side of the story. I certainly wasn't expecting to meet my husband on the internet in fact after years and years approximately 10 years to be exact of only ever meeting and going out with men I had met online I PRAYED I would not meet my husband on the internet. I wanted proof that I was capable of meeting a man without a keyboard. I digress... I met Steve and we corresponded online and he seemed like a nice guy not your typical “hey hot stuff I can’t wait to get in your pants” type… So I enjoyed talking to him we discovered we had a ton in common and we decided to meet… now here we are 21 months later engaged to be married with a date set…
You may be asking…How is it we knew when we’d been dating for a month we were going to get married and here we are not married almost 2 years later…. Well that is a story all about trusting the Lord and waiting for God’s perfect timing. I’m sure I will in bits and pieces reveal more about how God has worked and brought us to this place where we are and again this is probably me just unloading my wild and crazy thought processes into the great beyond but more than anything tonight I’m looking back tonight. God showed me thru a conversation with Steve that the things I had been praying for since I met him, the faith I had PAID OFF!!! What a revelation God listened to me God was working on Steve this whole time… Mind you I faithfully prayed every night… Thanking God for my most perfect gift… This wonderful sweet man who made me laugh in ways I thought were impossible who was endlessly cute and cuddly who made me a better me… I praised God every day for bringing Steve into my life… but Steve was sooo slow Why couldn’t he get the ball rolling if we were gonna get married by Oct 20 of 2007 we would need to make things happen… I kept praying that God would work on him work in him make him wake up step up to the plate be a man buy a ring talk to my Dad… Any day would be good God… I trust you I know everything will work in your perfect timing and I trust you to make this happen… I did let God handle it and trusted him to be in control even tho I shamelessly and foolishly admit I tried to rush him… I prayed every night and I told God every night I trust you I know you’re working I know this will all work out in your timing…
So obviously we didn’t get married Oct 20 of this year like we had so foolishly originally planned… We trusted God enough tho to know that he didn’t want us to get married that day and were open to his voice and his leading and were obedient to listen…
So where am I going with all of this… Steve and I had a wonderful heart to heart tonight and it was like God laying out the answers to 21 months worth of praying it was amazing to know that all this time God really was working on Steve in Steve’s heart. He was showing Steve and guiding him. Steve just didn’t know how to tell me til tonight… haha I feel vindicated and I feel relieved and more than anything I am so in love with my Savior and my God who is so wonderfully amazing and perfect. He has penned my love story with the utmost care and precision.
God told Steve God stalled Steve. God knew Oct 20 of 2007 wasn’t meant to be we had more growing to do he had more things to teach us to show us. We needed to continue trusting in him walking by faith and letting him be in charge of our relationship. I feel good… ya know now I know the valley could be just around the corner but tonight I feel like We are truly on the right path we are honoring God in our relationship we are walking by faith and trusting him… I realize these moments are probably rare but it continuously amazes me at how God works…. How his timing is perfect… How in his wonderful wisdom and omniscience he works everything together to the good for those who love him and have been called according to his purpose!!!

Praise God!!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Blogging on Blogs

So I have become kind of a blog junkie I read a blog about wedding stuff and I read a blog about foodie stuff I have a few friends who post blogs that I read regularly I even read the blogs of strangers who I don’t know but for some reason they have said something I find profound and desire to revisit their blog for additional moments of profound musing. Sometimes I feel bad like I’m prying into the personal lives of strangers or worse my dearest friends… but I try and soothe my fear with the fact that its posted there for everyone to see and advertised in a “Hey go read my blog” kind of way…. Another thing that’s weird is comments I love when my blogs are commented Its like Wow someone is actually taking the time to care about what I have to say… I’m sure everyone feels that way about comments tho I admit I am not a faithful commenter… So I’ve been thinking lately about writing or starting my own blog apart from myspace where I could write on a more consistent basis. I’m presently going thru a kind of rite of passage in life. I’m engaged to be married I’m planning a wedding my brain my heart my mind is disconnecting from my old life in many ways and being reshaped into the brain, heart and mind of a wife. I feel it would be beneficial if for no one other than myself I were to preserve these thoughts and what not so maybe when I’ve been married for 50 yrs I can look back shake my head and laugh and my immaturity and naivetĂ©. Maybe I’ll be proud of myself haha who knows. The point is… So many wonderful things are happening in my life in my relationship with Steve in my relationship with the Lord. I just feel compelled to catalog it. For Christmas my mom bought me this cutesy sweet Bride’s journal. My mom apparently thinks I should be cataloging the events and my take on the events in my life at the moment also. I have a hard time being a pen to paper kind of girl however for me it is much easier to let the thoughts streams out of my head and thru my fingers… I’m so blessed I can’t type as fast as I think J I can’t count on every blog being about how much I love or hate Steve or life in general at any given moment. It could be about food… (a huge passion of mine) It could be about faith… It could be about my family… a funny story from life… It could be me being a bridezilla or the blushing excited girl who’s been planning a wedding since she was 5. This really is a remarkable time in my life and it deserves to be commemorated for posterity sake… If for no other reason so my own daughters can read thru it and laugh when they’re in the same stage of life. I haven’t ever faithfully kept a journal or even an online diary for a tremendously long period of time but I’m only going to be engaged for another 9 months… I could probably manage that… It’s a shorter commitment than marriage that’s for sure. So while my writing maybe disjointed and lack structure and real substance I will have a place to record my life my journey the path God has placed ahead of me in preparing to be Steve’s wife….