Monday, December 31, 2007

Samosas anyone?? Naan for me…

Steve and I met and one of the first things we found we had in common was food… We both have adventurous appetites for new cuisines and exotic flavors. Before I met Steve I had been praying God would just send me a friend I could go have Thai food with or Sushi…. Something new and original… I hit the jackpot with my fiancé… He surprised me with Thai food on our first date… since I came home from Texas I think he and I have eaten every single one of our favorite ethnic foods… We’ve had Pho noodles ( a DELICIOUS Vietnamese noodle soup) and we’ve had Chinese which is one of my favorites we’ve has sushi ( his most favorite) and today we had Indian food… I feel so spoiled…. I missed every one of these foods when I was in Texas especially Pho and sushi tho! Ok and I never can say no to a good curry with some naan….
Steve and I just bond over food we did instantly on our first date… We went to Bangkok Cuisine and we ordered Calamari, (they truly have the best calamari!!!) yellow curry and ginger chicken… We spent the entire meal asking each other silly things like mmm do you taste that is that coconut milk… mm it is set off with just a touch of garlic and peanut sauce *eyes rolling in blissful delight*
I knew before I ever met Steve I couldn’t marry anyone who couldn’t appreciate food like I did or who was a picky eater. It just wouldn’t fly with me… Steve and I will try just about anything we can and I LOVE it… and the man is so excited that I can cook he brags to all of his friends… I feel special… I’m just so glad we share an interest and excitment for food haha we’ve been talking about what kind of new and unique cuisine we can find and try on our honeymoon… Moroccan maybe… a tagine with cous cous lamb and currants… or how about another adventure in flat breads and we go Ethiopian… I definitely know there’s a trip to Chinatown in our future for some dim sum and we’d roll our eyes in delight if we could find a real ramen shop in San Francisco… and with all the abundant seafood in the Bay area I know there’s a truly memorable sushi roll waiting to be devoured… Cheers to the man of my dreams and his gourmet taste buds….

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Danae said...

Yum! This post makes me hungry! We'll have to double date sometime!