Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Grandma's advice... not taken...

Do you ever hear the wisdom of old friends or family in your head when you do something... I've been feeling pukey and pregnant for about 2 weeks now. I still have not thrown up (Praise God!) but I have certainly felt like I could in addition to those waves of nausea and clamping my hand over my mouth so as to hold in anything that may be trying to come out. I have heard my Grandma in my head repeatedly.
Now, I'd give anything to hear my grandma's voice again I miss her nearly every day and I can only imagine what she'd have to say about the possibility of a new baby for her to love. She loved babies she loved being a Grandma! My grandma made me feel like I was her favorite grand kid. I'm sure she didn't have favorites but she really made me feel like I was it. I was always Grandma's girl. She told me this, she'd hold me and hug me when I cried and say "Be Grandma's big girl Deaira." When I was with Grandma I didn't feel like a little kid I felt like her buddy.
Grandma had other wisdom too... She was around quite often when I was growing up. I'm thankful for that! The wisdom I've heard repeatedly in my head the last 2 weeks... "Just throw it all up Deaira you'll feel better" Now really what kind of advice is that? Who likes throwing up ever... Grandma was generally right tho I'd throw up after hearing her encouragement 100 times and then she'd bring me 7 up and tuck a sniffling sick little me into bed and it would all be better when I woke up :) Somehow I don't think that applies to pregnancy. I fear if I were to listen to Grandma's voice inside my head it would start a horrific cycle of toilet hugging I'd really like to avoid... FOREVER!
I think I've decided the best thing for me to do is just remain horizontal as much as possible which is convenient cuz napping seems to be my new favorite pass time...

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Do you ever walk up to your bed and just free fall face down into it and let your body relax into it melt into it like a pool of wax and your brain kind of goes AAAAAHHHHH!
I just had one of those moments... and after my brain went AAAAAHHHHH! I started thinking to myself Wow what a productive day... I woke up and ate breakfast like a good pregnant mommy and I got myself ready and everything I needed together to go to My sisters shower... At the shower I did what I seemingly do in those situations and lent my hands where I could... It was fun I love the fellowship of my church family! I bought my husband a surpise to make him happy... I didn't cook him dinner lol but I did let him pick where he'd like to eat out ( a gracious feat when pregnant) and we came home and ate it and watched TV. OK so I did still have to "clean up" dinner. I cleaned my poor kitchen which had been neglected for several days... I made my dish for potluck... And then.... as I thought about all of these things I had accomplished the list of the things I didn't accomplish started scrolling in my head and I had to peel my body up off the delicious bed and do one or 2 more things....
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