Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jeriah's frogs...

Have I mentioned before how much my husband loves frogs? I dunno how or where but he decided he loves frogs and collects them. We have big fuzzy frogs and small lazy frogs... For valentine's day he even got me a pink frog holding a heart that says kiss :) Our babies will be watched over by a collection of soft cuddly plushy frogs. The first anything we bought our baby was a froggy onesie. For Christmas this year Daddy bought Jeriah a froggy sleeper that says "I love you" and Grandma Elwell and Cousin Izaiah gave us lots of precious froggy things for Our boy! I'm very partial to the froggy slippers that will keep tiny baby feet warm! We even bought Jeriah his very first cuddly frog. Mommy couldn't leave him at the store and he was only $2.50 :)
A funny thing about frogs in relation to our son. Steve and I watch this Japanese Anime and one of the characters name is Jiraiya. He's a funny old ninja with... an army of toads. He's referred to respectfully as the "Toad Sage" I guess you could say Jiraiya kind of led us towards the name for our boy. We liked the name it sounded cool and maybe even biblical? So we researched it and we found Jeriah which means "Jehovah has seen" . We didn't have to think or look anymore we had our baby boy's name. He would be Jeriah. Our little toad sage seen by Our Lord and watched over by an army of cuddly frogs(that will grow in number quickly at the rate we're going!)
I find myself pretty excited at this idea of a little froggy boy. There's something special about little boys. Their enthusiasm and impish faces. Their desire to make mud pies and play with worms. At the moment all I can think about is a squishy little baby so tiny with a smooshy little face for me to kiss and tiny little toes for me to tickle. I can't wait to snuggle him against me! Its funny how deeply I've fallen in love with this little boy over the last week of knowing who he is. And the journey is only beginning... Ribbit Ribbit

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Anonymous said...

So cute! I love frogs too.