Saturday, January 23, 2010

To wrap my baby bunting in... part 2

So I have it... I didn't plan on buying it but I just happened to have an opportunity to pop into Michael's yesterday and well a trip to Michael's without looking at yarn is a wasted trip. I started grabbing skeins off the racks... a skein of red, a pretty orange, a brown as rich as chocolate and a tangle of blue. How did that get in there I hadn't planned on blue but before I knew it I had 7 or 8 skeins in my arms cuddling them close. They're all so soft and silky feeling. I know it will slip thru my fingers so gently into a delicious snuggly blankie for my baby boy! I wasn't gonna buy it (have I mentioned what a cheap skate I can be?) I could wait I rationalized to myself looking down at the armful of yarn that could potentially wrap around my Jeriah. I was ready to put it all back with a sigh. Then I looked closer and saw the sale sign. That was all I needed :) I am a girl after all.
I still have no idea how these are going to come together how they'll tangle up into something my boy will love forever. I'll look for patterns eventually or make up my own I'm thinking stripes or blocks or a slight modification off the first blanket from my original post (Everyone voted unanimously for it!) I keep telling myself it has to be perfect. I have the perfect silky yarn and the perfect colors. I must have the perfect pattern but then the words of a friend echo in my head and that's all I need to quiet the "must-be-perfect-demon" within me (Thank you Angel!)

"It will be special cause MAMA made it."

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