Tuesday, January 15, 2008

to everything turn turn turn...

Its hard to look back sometimes and think... a month ago I was living in Texas... My days revolved around taking care of my sweet grandma and planning my wedding on a laptop. Life was so different in texas... Big spring Texas was a small little hole in the wall where the highest form of entertainment was a trip to walmart and fine dining was a buffet called Furr's. I was going to 4th street Baptist church and I had a little job working in the nursery. That church blessed me so much not only did my job provide me with the money i need to buy my wedding dress(which i finally decided on) The people at that church were so welcoming and dear and I think of them fondly and miss them sometimes.

It was a month ago today my Grandma went to heaven... and my life has since been a whirlwind... I packed up my life in Texas overnight and now I'm back in Reno... Steve was off for 2 weeks and life is settling back into the life it was before i went to texas. Sometimes i look back at that time that short 4 months and it seems like a dream like something that didn't happen... I've often thought of my time in Portland like that also... it was most certainly a chapter in my life... and one I will never forget. I still struggle now reality is sinking in i have a job to find i have a wedding to plan i have new trials and goals and lots of work to do.
I think about my grandma every day i miss her and sometimes its hard to believe she's gone. I've never been sad. I've always had peace about things. I will always treasure the special time i got to spend with her kissing her forehead holding her hand singing to her with my aunt. I'm so excited i got to share some of my wedding plans with her and talk to her about her wedding and special moments in her life. I know she's looking down on me and will be with me every day until I see her again in heaven! :)

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Danae said...

Isn't that weird how different places can seem like dreams? Your Grandma looked like she was the sweetest lady. What a blessing to have been able to be there with her.