Thursday, January 10, 2008

The great dress dilemna

I thought I had it all picked out I thought I knew I thought I had found it my dream dress the beautiful white chiffon dream I would float in down the aisle to become Steve's wife. Until today.... I went to a Florist to talk about flowers I showed her the above picture and we talked about how we could make it my dream bouquet and it SOOO will be... similar to that with orange orchids and burgundy roses hypericum berries and leaves all twiggy and organic like a wild little tree held in my hands... *sigh* What do flowers have to do with my dress... well.. I've always had this like mental picture of how I want my wedding to look and to be what colors what I'll look like etc... and I am hoping for kind of like a hippy flower child bohemian ethereal kind of look. Very natural very soft flowy sheer fabric... wreath of flowers in my hair... sounds beautiful huh? so whats the problem... Well I have 2 dresses picked out the first one is the first dress I ever found that I liked it has long sheer sleeves and fits what i wanted so well and for the longest time it was the dress I saw myself in when I imagined my wedding day... the 2ND one is still sheer billowy fabric but maybe glammed up a little with some sparkly things and short sleeves it was love at first sight... when I saw it I thought dress #1 looked like a night gown. Now I kind of think dress #1 will make the flowers look prettier hahaha isn't the ridiculous... picking a dress based on how it will make my flowers look. I'm so confused... part of me wishes I could wear 2 dresses haha so I'm wrestling with my mental images of these 2 choices trying to figure out which one it is that I want. They're the same price so that's not a factor. I can make the decision solely based on which one I think is best for me. Which one makes me the bride I want to be.... and I wish I could like post pics of them so everyone could see and vote but on the off chance Steve ever visits my blog I can't spoil the surprise... haha I appreciate everyone's opinion that I've asked but its like a straight down the middle tie... ACK!!!

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