Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wishing and Hoping and PRAYING!!!

So today I applied for a job! A job I am hoping is the job God wants for me to have cuz it is SOO the job I want to have! I heard about a new place in town that offers classes in cooking! How up my alley is that? I'm hoping and praying and asking everyone I know to pray about it too!! I don't care if I wash dishes all day or chop onions and prep food... ANYTHING to play with food all day to be in an enviroment centered on and focused on teaching people to love and appreciate food! WOW it would be a dream come true and answered prayers! I'm trying to be realistic and not get my hopes up too much but Wow it would just be like the ultimate! Haha I have other job applications out so I know God has a job somewhere I just hope it comes sooner than later the sooner we can start paying off this wedding stuff the better and all the money I make we can literally just ship off to our wedding vendors... First paycheck... Flowers... second paycheck photographer... and on and on... yes lots of prayer! We could also pay for the honeymoon we want... Say it with me..... Steve and Deaira Goble you just got married what are you gonna do next.... WE WANNA GO TO DISNEYLAND!!!

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