Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mommy pangs...

Ms. Chloe Pettit my flower-girl

I went shopping today with my girlfriend Kim and we were at TJ MAX looking at baby stuff... the cutest most adorable baby stuff and i heard my bio clock going tick tick tock... i know i have pleanty of time... obviously before i can have a baby I need to get married haha and i would like to be married and enjoy being married for at least a year before we have a baby... but today surrounded by adorable summer dresses and cute frog prince bath robes... it was hard not to think about how fun it would be to have a baby sooner than later... I wouldn't care boy or girl frilly dresses and tights are just as cute as osh kosh overalls and baseball caps... I can't wait to see Steve teaching our little boy to play Super Mario and I can't wait to bake cookies with my darling girl... Steve and I have had babies on the brain lately we babysat for my friend Kelly mon and weds and her girls are just the sweetest smartest kids! So full of imagination and whimsy... It reminds me of when i was little dragging my doll around playing house. Steve had fun playing with them too... He's still a little nervous around little babies but thats normal... I know he's so excited at the thought of playing dinosaurs and superheros and teaching our boys all about star wars and comic books.. I can't wait to see him dance with our daughters and smile indulgantly when they go on about barbies...steve and I have had many conversations about parenting and family we agree on so much and he's soo wonderful to me... i always knew i wanted to be a mommy and a husband well i knew that was essential to being a mommy but haha until i met Steve a husband was kind of an after thought a means to being a mommy putting hair in pigtails and kissing scraped knees haha Steve knows this about me but Steve i love him so much even if we never had kids he'd be enough... but a dog would be nice too not necessary but nice... So these pangs... i think they're going to have to pang a little bit longer cuz as badly as i wanna smell baby powder and sour milk... poopy diapers and clean slippery baby... I wanna enjoy having a husband first before i enjoy being a mommy... I wanna spend some time learning to be steve's wife before i'm the mother of his children... but boy those baby clothes sure are tempting... and soft snuggly blankies and spiderman stuffed dolls that sing... I'd say i should baby sit more but... hm... hahaha

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Anonymous said...

It's my baby! Being a mom is the best feeling in the world.