Friday, May 22, 2009

To Aunt Dea's house

The meaning of the name Izaiah is God Is Salvation
Izaiah Adrien Elwell was born at 3:50am on May 14 2009
weighing 6lbs 3.5 oz and 20 inches long

That little face has so much personality it almost seems like too much for such a tiny person. You look like your Great Grandma Elwell (at least in this picture) I dunno if anyone else sees it but I do and, since I supposedly look like her in a round about way I guess that means you look like me. You look like your your Uncle Bubba sometimes too except for that nose I dunno where that came from but its a cute nose its yours. I get to see you tomorrow for the first time outside the hospital, I'm very excited. Its been a week since I saw you last. I hate working I hate that my hours are so crazy and that I couldn't come see you I've missed you very much. I feel like I've missed so much of your short life it makes me sad. I'm itching to hold and kiss you to kiss your sweet baby feet and kiss the soft fluff of hair on your head. I don't want to rush these sweet precious days when you're so small and soft still new and tiny. I am however very anxious for smiles and giggles toothy grins but you can stay this tiny for a year or so I know its not possible I know someday all too soon I'll be re-reading this page marveling at how quickly time has gone by...but today I'll savor your first trip to Auntie Dea's house...

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Anonymous said...

You waited so long for your little nephew to come, and boy is he cute. I'm sure he will love every minute of being spoiled by his Aunt Dea. I know my Sammi misses it.