Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Remembering a special, stressful time....

It was a year ago these past few days that Steve and I experienced a little upheavel a lot of joy a lot of sorrow and a lot of faith. It was a year ago today that I hopped on a plane to fly to Texas to take care of my grandma. It was a year ago yesterday that we talked to my Dad and Steve asked his blessing to marry me and it was a year ago saturday that Steve gave me a beautiful sparkling ring full of all of the hope promise and joy we're experiencing today weeks away from our wedding.
We have never had a fight so grandiose so heart wrenching so long as when i first told Steve I had been asked to go to Texas. I dunno if it was really a fight so much as a shock. We had to trust the Lord and walk by faith clinging crying heart wrenching faith! I knew that God wanted me to go I knew I had to go and serve my family that way. When I got the call from my aunt I knew I needed to go I knew it was God's plan for me and for us. I didn't know how to tell Steve I prayed for a week trying to figure it out I talked to my Dad and trusted friends. My Dad told me that time is to love what air is to fire or some kind of metaphor like that... Where love left to sit like a fire burns hotter brighter and stronger. It was an appropriate example of exactly what would happen. We spent 4 months apart a small amount of time shorter than we had expected but we didn't know when i got on that plane if it would be a month or a year or if we'd get married and fly back to Texas. God worked in that time taught us some lessons about eahother taught us to communicate taught us what it mean to love eachother in a comitted forgiving and unconditional way. He also taught us to grasp cling and rely only on Him. I think we're still learning lessons from this experience and I just wanted to mention it... A whole year with a sparkly ring on my finger. A whole year as Steve's fiance and a whole year of beign prepared stretched and molded into the wife God would have me be to Steve.

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