Friday, August 8, 2008

I'm so blessed by my friends!!!

I see these ladies every week some I've seen every week of my life... They nurture me they support me their generosity surprises and astounds me. I am so blessed by the ladies at my church specifically the girls my own age but every woman there is a blessing a wise grandmother to a young newly wed like me who wants to talk about cute shoes. These ladies give me so much. Some of them even are doing so much just to help make my wedding special I'm blessed by their love by their generosity by their creativity and by their friendship... This is my Thank you and maybe a behind the scenes look at some of the inner workings of my wedding.

Mrs. Kelly Briggs- Kelly has been so sweet any question I ask any advice she gives her heart is so sweet and so full I have spoke to her and immediately felt a huge relief like it wasn't as big a deal as I thought she also so graciously let me pour over her beautiful scrapbooks when I was in my "have to look at every wedding related thing" phase. When all is said and done I know Kelly will lead me and answer any question I have in making my own beautiful scrapbook. She is also letting me make her beautiful daughters my flower girls! I'm thrilled I can bless her family by making some joyful smiling girls princesses for a day.

Mrs. Fawn Parsons- Fawn is going to be my photographer she takes beautiful pictures we feel so blessed to know her she has a heart of gold and is so sweet and enthusiastic. Every photograph is a new angle or perspective I know she will help capture all the sweet moments of our big day and we'll cherish her gift for the rest of our lives. She took the pictures of Danae and Kelly I think she takes the picture at just the right moment to capture the persons true beauty!

Mrs Lindy Briggs- has been such a huge help as we're planning to do a slide show with cutsie pics of us as kids as well as pics of just our relationship. Lindy is also a dear friend she's my brother's best friends wife... If it wasn't for Kyle and Daniel (her husband) I wouldn't be as nerdy as I am or as open to all the nerdy geekiness that is my Steve. We have so much fun with her and Dan seeing movies and eating ice cream. We miss hanging out with them but we're sooo excited about what God is doing in their lives. I can't wait to see you fat and pregnant at the wedding Lindy dear!
Mrs. Kim Cordero- Kim is a great friend and was so sweet to me when I was looking for a job she let me babysit for her every week and that allowed me to knock out some early wedding plans. I also have had tremendous fun with her shopping and watching her kids grow. Her kids are so cute it makes it hard not to want 10 of em!

Mrs. Danae Lear- Dearest Danae is so sweet to offer to help me decorate she's also had tons of creative ideas to help save money and has just been someone fun to talk to. She can relate to my feelings of frustration not seeing Steve as much as I'd like. We hope to spend more time with her and her husband in the future going on double dates and inviting them over to our place for dinner. (I'll totally make turkey if you want Danae)

Mrs Deana Jooste- This list would not be complete without my Deana... Even tho I don't see her every Sunday anymore she is no less important than any of these other women. Deana was such a huge encouragement to me she recommended books like "I kissed dating goodbye" and introduced me to a new way of looking at relationships and marriage her encouragement pointed me to the true author of my love story Our Heavenly Father. It is only fitting I asked her to be my bridesmaid. Deana was one of the first people from out of town to plan a trip just for my wedding she loves me and I love her. We have been friends since the day I was born. I'm so glad she'll be there on my special day! Bless her heart she told me she wouldn't miss it for the world.

If you haven't noticed already there's a running theme here... Every one of these Women is already married I'm the last one out of every girl I grew up with at church I'm the last one to get married. I like to think God did it that way on purpose so they could all be the sweet support they've been so they could all bless me in the many ways that they have and so they can make my wedding exactly the way I want it to be... Once again I am so amazingly blessed by these women their friendship and their love and knowing I have them to lean on and knowing we have each other to go to come what may is all part of the way God made the church a family. To my special sweet sisters you have blessed me and loved me in ways I cannot repay and I am so thankful for you!


Lindy said...

Aww!! Thank you Dee! Your joyful heart is so inspiring to all of us! Dan & I really miss hanging out too. Just think when you're married, you two could take a weekend trip here and we'll let you sleep in the same room in our new house! ;-)

Kelly said...

You are so right!! God totally wanted you to wait so we could help! Same for Jessica's wedding. We had fun decorating the church and figuring out last minute details. We love helping! I love our little church family for that. It is nothing like anything I have ever known. We are falible, yes, but we do love each other. Thanks Deaira. I love you too. And my girlies can't wait!