Thursday, August 21, 2008

I love you Pookie-pie

I used to say this into the darkness every night for countless years and across the room in a little girl voice came the response " I love you too Dedee-plum" Oh how the years have changed that adorable baby that was MY baby. The cute as pie toddler that spoke in baby babble only I could understand. The precocious child with a jutted out hip rocking out to the Spice Girls and finally a moody teenager who is the most beautiful young woman I've ever seen... That's my baby sister... Is there anyone else you can ask to be your maid of honor when you have a sister? I can't imagine how? She's 16 now much younger than my other 2 bridesmaids but she is my sister.
I was sooo excited when I found out my mom was gonna have a baby and I knew I hoped and probably insisted that it be a baby sister. I told my parents if it was a boy I'd dress it in girl clothes. I wanted a sister I needed a little sister I could do big sister things with like curl hair and paint toes get ears pierced and dress in frilly frilly dresses and of course slumber parties.... I had always wanted a big sister to do those things for me sadly being the oldest I didn't have the luxury but I was determined that I would be the kind of big sister to my little sister that I had always wanted! Well life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.... My little sister not so much into the curling of hair and playing with makeup when she was younger I'd fight to get a curling iron in her hair it wouldn't hold a curl anyways haha. She was always into clothes tho which was too fun until she grew out of the sweet little girl clothes I'd buy her. Now everything I like she hates hahaha She is still my sister tho my sweet beautiful sister and my baby... Every year on her birthday since her first one I tear up and have a little cry something along the lines of "My baby's not a baby anymore" She was my baby she still is sometimes when she'll let me hug her close and run my fingers thru her hair... Charel taught me more about being a mommy and taking care of kids then i ever learned babysitting even 16 years later. Could there be any other choice for a maid of honor than a sweet little girl you helped raised and whose diapers you changed whose ears you pierced. I've had to let go somewhat over the years and not be so parental with her I'm still learning who she is and learning to love her for who she is and not who I want her to be. Steve helps with that Steve loves her and she loves him in ways I don't understand. They love to pick on eachother and play video games together.

Why all the nostalgic memories and such well I guess you could say its my way of reminding her how important she is to me how thankful I am for a little sister who is my opposite how I appreciate all the help she's been while I've planned our wedding and how grateful I am we finally agreed on her dress and it came in today... We had to go see it and try it on its so exciting....

Dear sweet sissy little charkle I hope you always know how very loved you are by me and by Steve how proud I am of the young lady you are and that I pray for the Woman you'll become. I pray that you would learn from my mistakes and also trust God as I've tried to do. You get to be my maid of honor my first choice my only choice and Steve and I will always love you and be here for you if you need us... just like we know we can count on you for free babysitting when the time comes... :) I love you Pookie-pie!!!

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