Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week 1...

Homemakers Challenge - 31 Days to Clean

And so it begins... I'm going to post weekly but I'll try and say something about each day. What I learned or what God put on my heart how much I hate folding laundry... stuff like that :)

Day 1:
This day brought the question Why do I want a clean home... um isn't that obvious? I want to not be afraid if someone comes over. I want to have people over.I want to walk into a room and not see work waiting for me. I want to serve my family. I want it to be safe for my son so I don't find another "made in china" sticker in his diaper. I want home to be comfy and relaxing I want to relax and enjoy my family here not be thinking about how badly I need to dust the ceiling fan!
The idea behind this list is to remind me why I spend time everyday doing these things. Some days I feel like I clean my kitchen just to dirty it again. Far too often this happens and it saddens me. I was challenged to write a Mission statement for myself to motivate me everyday when I roll my eyes at the thought of doing whatever chore AGAIN!

"My home is the place where my family lives and it should feel lived in and full of life. I want to bring life to my family. I want my family to see that I desire to serve them as their wife and mommy." I may change this... LOL
My chore for day 1 was to look ahead at all the tasks in the days to come and ensure I have all the necessary potions, scrubs, sponges and scrapers! This may have been a bad idea cuz I had to look ahead at all the chores I have to look forward to... LOL On the plus side there are some I won't be able to do such as clean out my utility room. I don't really have one it kind of gets lumped in with the kitchen so on those day My goal will be to work on the other projects around my tiny sweet little home that I feel need my attention like dusting that darn ceiling fan.
Needs: febreeze and I think thats it.

Day 2:
Reminds us that women are life givers and give life with our words, our homes, our church etc. The challenge is to look at my home as something to make alive. What can I do to make it feel alive for me, Steve andJeriah? Off the top of my head i'm going to start opening the windows i think... Sunshine pouring in makes me feel rejuvenated and i hope it will have a similar effect on Jeriah. Also Flowers I wish I could put fresh flowers somewhere. Maybe i'll buy a little pot of flowers to grow in my kitchen!
My Cleaning Challege: Kitchen-clean out and scrub down my fridge and freezer! *sigh* usually my fridge isn't full of leftovers and such but this time it was and having space in it again is good! That and it looks empty... EEK until you wrench open the produce drawer and then I feel better deeing it so full of good things! :)
Day 3: Epic FAIL....Time to regroup I am going to *TRY* and finish my cleaning chores this weekend! and can hopefully get back on track by Monday... Not to make excuses because I did have moments of selfish laziness and facebook time and I wanna talk to my husband time... Jeriah's also teething and he's a horrible teether even with his amber teething necklace even chewing on frozen washcloths. He had a slight fever and was throwing up he's been chewing on anything he can get in his mouth... He also sleeps so erratically when teething so I in turn sleep erratically :( We've also realized we need to start changing how we've been feeding him so I've been trying to plot a new course in that regard. Lactivist that I am was relying too much on my milk to nourish him and while it is perfect and complete he needs additional things now and I need to be more proactive and diligent about feeding him. I never starved him but I often thought while out and about I'll just nurse him and la de da and he need more than that now. I feel negligent in some ways but I always offered him a variety of healthy good food and I've always let him choose to eat what he wants to eat and how much. Its a new dance for him and I to learn together. He has a lot of butter in his future and i might make him some rich eggy vanilla pudding. I'm also going to try and cut out 1-2 of those sweet precious nursing times . Weaning a baby the process of transitioning him (no matter how slowly) from the milk of my breast to other foods is hard.
We're also looking at and praying about moving so I've been scouring Craigs list looking for a new home that would be a little bigger and hopefully the same price for rent thats closer to work for Steve. This cleaning challenge is GOOD in the regard I can get a head start on cleaning it up before we move out even tho it will be hard to leave :(
I remain committed and will try to persevere... maybe this 31 day challenge will take me 2 months but I'm sure there are lessons and blessings to be learned!

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tia said...

at least you see progress, time is on your side. if it takes 2 months, let it lady! you rock.