Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Cutie's Cloth Booty!

He was just a few days past 6 weeks old... I had 24 brand new diapers sitting waiting for him to be big enough to use. I didn't believe those BIG diapers could fit on my sweet tiny little boy. It took a nudge of encouragement from my friend Kelly before I tried it. It turned out that despite looking like it was going to eat him IT FIT!! That was the last day Jeriah wore a disposable diaper.
If you figure that every disposable diaper costs $0.25 each and a child goes thru about 7 diapers a day over 365 days that's about $638.75 we have saved not buying diapers. That savings while small has helped make it possible for ME to be the one changing every one of those diapers(GRandma has changed a few too). It has allowed me to be here with my baby every day of his life. Its ironic I haven't blogged about his first birthday yet but I'll blog about his cloth diaper anniversary lol. Maybe I'll get there its still hard to admit he's 1 year old. Admitting he's had a soft fluffy cloth butt for a year is easier!
I haven't ever regretted my decision to use cloth diapers even with the poopiest messes. EVEN BETTER all but 1-2 of those poopy messes was contained in the diaper! Washing is pretty much as easy as tossing them in and starting it up. I haven't ever had a problem with my diapers I haven't ever needed to strip them I treat them with care and love because I hope they'll last me thru a few kids! I am interested in trying other kinds and styles but I don't feel the urge to buy every cute diaper I see. I have been tempted seriously by Beatles diapers, Sushi Diapers and Super Mario diapers. Someday I'll have a girl (I hope) and I'll really have to find a way to buy some ruffly butt fluff! I'm just thankful everyday for what I have and what it means!
I also am a year overdue in saying THANK YOU!!! I did/do have a good adorable toddling excuse for not saying it sooner since he came the day after I received this wonderful gift. I'm still late saying it... All 24 of my wonderful diapers were a collective gift from the women at my church. My sweet sisters chipped in so I could be a weirdo who uses cloth diapers. I received everything I need 24 diapers, 3 wet bags, more wipes than I can count, a diaper sprayer, Baking soda, liners and i may be forgetting something. I am tremendously thankful to all of you all of them. Again it has helped make staying home with my baby a reality and in part allowed me my "dream job" STAYING HOME being Jeriah's Momma!

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