Friday, February 4, 2011

My buggy-boo Jeriah-roo

Standing is your new favorite past time. You're in such a hurry to be a big kid...Why the rush little boy. I think you're just like your momma was you wanna be an adult you wanna be a big kid. I want you to stay tiny forever to stay snuggly forever! You started crawling 3 good little buttwiggling crawls on Jan 15. I watched you from the bathroom and as soon as you crawled I cried. Now you crawl everywhere! You still seem too small for that but the very fact that you're doing it must mean you're bigger than I want you to be! We still need to have that conversation about how you're not allowed to wean until you're like 5! You're always on the move since you could rollover you wanted to move to knock down walls and blaze new trails. You're a very determined young man. I hope you keep that determination your whole life Jeriah-roo! I don't think its possible to say what a joy you are to me... Even tho I feel like i'm constantly chasing you around and sweeping things out of your mouth.
You're semi interested in food but it apparently has nothing on the invisible bits and pieces you find on the floor. I found a "made in china" sticker in your diaper the other day and I know you weren't made in china and neither were your diapers! You seem to love veggies! You adore green beans and broccoli! You also love banana but your favorite thing is still Mommy milk! You did really like spaghetti tho!
You zoom all over the house if not on your hands and knees in the walker we got from Daddy's co-worker. You're definitely Mommy's shadow I knew you would be so attatched to me you are little boy and even tho sometimes I just want some space for myself a quick snuggle and sniff of your sweet baby head and its ok!
You love to watch me cook and be in the kitchen with me which is kind of a joy to share with you even tho you have no idea what I'm doing. I feel like I'm sharing something really special with you in the kitchen! I do wish tho that you would keep your little fingers away from the trashcan!
We think you're saying Daddy it sounds kind of like YeeYee it makes me happy that you said Daddy first! You've been Mommy's boy so long its good for him to HEAR you love him so much to name him first! You two sure have a lot of fun together! Giggling and finding buggy meat to tickle. You and Daddy also have a lot of conversations in Wookie.
You're a long and lean little man about 29inches tall and 18lbs. You're a squirmy wormy little bug. I love in the middle of the night when you're snuggled against me to just look at your sweet face. 9 and a half months and I still can't believe you're mine. I still can't believe God trusted me with you!