Saturday, December 25, 2010

Goble Christmas Greetings

Dearest Family and Friends,

What an exciting year it has been for us! The year started off with much excitement and the end of Deaira's pregnancy. Overall Deaira had an easy and uncomfortable pregnancy. We spent the early part of the year anticipating and preparing for the birth of our baby Boy.

Jeriah Daniel Goble was born on April 18, 2010. He was a skinny little peanut who immediately stole our hearts as all babies do! We adjusted to the roles of Mommy and Daddy pretty easily, then we adjusted to being married to a Mommy and a Daddy that was a little more challenging. Today Jeriah is 8 months old and we can't believe it! He's HUGE! Everyone tells you how fast kids grow but you don't believe it til you witness it with your own eyes. Jeriah has decided rolling around the living room is more effective than crawling(for now). He loves to laugh and feed himself bananas. He's just started sitting up and using us as jungle gyms. We marvel on a regular basis at how much we love this little man God blessed us with.

Deaira quit her job when Jeriah was born. We couldn't bear the idea of anyone taking care of our sweet boy other than his Mommy. Deaira feels called to stay at home and raise our children. Its been a challenge but we know that God provides and He has proved it to us over and over and over again. Deaira has had opportunity to make many new wonderful friends in Mommy groups. In September she took a class in Lactation and Breastfeeding education and is anxious to pursue that area of interest more. For now she does some work with a new global movement called "Eats on Feets" which is a network that assists women with sharing breast milk.

Steve continues to work at Charter Cable and though his work is often stressful and frustrating he perseveres to provide for our family. He loves playing with Jeriah and making funny voices. Steve also continues to enjoy video games in his spare time. Steve is a wonderful husband and father who selflessly provides and protects our family.

We have no idea what the Lord has in store for us in 2011 but we trust that His plan is perfect and not ours. We do hope to move into a larger home so Jeriah has room to play and grow. We pray that God will provide us with a work opportunity for Deaira that will still allow her to be with Jeriah at home. God has blessed us so so mightily in every way and we are humbled by his mercy, grace and provision in our lives. We are not worthy of the gift given to us in a manger and then nailed to the cross to pay for our sins!

We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas filled with all the joy the season holds and We wish you a blessed New Year!

Much Love,
Steve, Deaira and Jeriah

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