Tuesday, December 9, 2008

loop de loop a single crochet and a snuggly blanket...

So it seems like almost everyone I know is pregnant or having babies or thinking about having babies its quite fun... Christmas is coming too so I have lots of little creative uses for these fingers of mine... When I started thinking about the impending baby boom in my circle of friends my fingers started itching... and I've been hard at work ever since... looping silky soft yarn into lacy creations meant to cuddle a baby close and warm... I'm even trying to make delicious fuzzy warm slipper socks as a christmas gift this year I almost wish I was making them for myself they're so yummy! I'm working on slipper socks and blankets a stuffed rabbit some little christmas ornaments and I have about a million other ideas working their way around in my head its soo much fun and I'm dying to try and finally conquer the elusive baby bootie!!! hahaha

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