Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Home Sweet Home... :)

We think we've found it.... God is so good!!! Its a cute little one bedroom apartment in Sparks. We'd have a Christian Landlord and Christian neighbors and its about $200 less than we had planned to spend on rent. Its cute clean and well maintained with a grass area and a little back yard. Its small and cute and just seems like a good little place for us to start our married life... Nothing is final yet but we're definitely interested and we told the guy as much. He has some minor fixing up cleaning and what not to do on the place before its official but its pretty awesome!!! God provides too... the money it will cost us to move into this place is like exactly what we have saved up to get into a place hahaha God always provides for us like that. So today we're rejoicing hopeful very excited and I'm dreaming of the little butcher block island I'm going to put in the kitchen and wondering where we should hang our wedding pictures. I can't wait to clean and cook in and keep our little home. Thanks soo much to Kim for telling us about it!!!! Whee i'm so excited I wish it was ours already so i could start packing and unpacking and making it home.... :) I'm very ready for us to settle in and start enjoying married life!! :)

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy you and Steve have found a home to start out your married life in. It is so important that you guys have that time to get to know each other even more than you know each other now.