Monday, September 22, 2008

The great dress debac.... DREAM COME TRUE!!!

Its done its finished my wedding dress officially fits!!!!!!! I can't tell you how beautiful it makes me feel... It is beautiful and regal and floaty and soft... I can't wait to see everything together dress and flowers and veil... Can't wait til Steve sees me hahaha ya know the hardest thing about this whole wedding dress situation has been not telling Steve like not telling him about it and fighting the urge to show him He's my best friend he's the person I tell everything to ask about everything and not being able to do that has been torture!!! hahaha This would not have been remotely possible without my dear friend! She put in all the labor we got to visit and catch up it was huge and the work she did is wonderful i'm so tickled about certain aspects of the dress I can't even begin to say... in the time it took us to fix my dress it changed from a huge pain a disaster and debacle into a dream! A beautiful vision of floaty chiffon that will carry me down the aisle to my Prince. I had church ladies praying about it with me who were thrilled to hear it was fixed a special one who offered to pay to have it fixed. I am so loved so loved and so blessed and amazed at the love in the church... I hope and pray that my wedding would be a blessing to all of these women to every one who has helped and will help make my wedding so wonderful I pray God would heap his bountiful blessings on them! I remember coming home from Texas and waiting and being excited to see how God would reward me and bless me for that time... maybe I lost faith cuz after 5 months of looking for a job and struggling wondering how we were gonna pay for a wedding I thought maybe God had lessons yet for me to learn ( and he did and does) and that there would be no blessings just yet... He's piling them on in heaps and mounds now and all I can do is fall on my knees in Praise to my wonderful Father in Heaven who is good always who gives always who loves always and whose timing is perfect.
Praise the Lord give thanks to the Lord for He is good
His steadfast love endures forever and He is good
Who shall tell of the mighty deeds of the Lord
And show forth all His praise Alleluia
And Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel
From everlasting to everlasting
And let all God's people say Amen Amen Amen
Let all the people say Amen and Praise the Lord!


Anonymous said...

From what I have seen, your dress looks awesome. I really wish I could be there for you on your big day. It's getting close!

Dawn Elwell said...

Hearing descriptions, I'm betting the dress is gorgeous!
While we may hit a transportation snag on Saturday, we are still planning on being there!
See you at work.