Monday, April 7, 2008


"The real act of marriage takes place in the heart, not in the ballroom or church or synagogue. It's a choice you make; not just on your wedding day, but over and over again and that choice is reflected in the way you treat your husband or wife."
~ Barbara De Angelis

So I found this quote emailed to me with one of my money saving wedding planning newsletters.... and it struck a chord. It sums up how i've been feeling lately how i have been viewing marriage. I'm not gonna rush out and take advantage of those "married benefits" but i do truly feel like Steve and I are already married most days. Marriage is something that happens in your heart and in the day by day choice to love and keep loving. The choice to forgive overlook, ignore and choose to love... I've tried to explain this to Steve and he feels like i'm saying its hard to love him. On the contrary its not hard to love him, but there's freedom in choosing to love him... to keep loving him... even if he is impatient with me... even if he says something i see as unkind... even if he's just being goofy when i'm trying to be serious... I can set myself aside and say yes i love him and nothing else matters... In choosing love over anger or impatience it makes me more quick to apologize it makes me less likely to get upset or mad or impatient it makes me say... its not worth fighting about. It makes me evaluate in that moment of potetial fireworks if i'm going react in love or in a negative way... and that simple spilt second where i make that choice is where I choose to be a loving kind wife or a naggy mean one... Praise the Lord for his revealing to me my own faults and shortcomings so when they may butt up against Steve's the Lord gently nudges and gives me the choice to love Steve the way He loves Steve with patience, kindless, gentleness long suffering... no matter what every minute of every day... and to delight in his love... or to be a mean cranky naggy wife... Oh how i pray the Lord continues revealing to me day by day the choices to be the best wife I can be to Steve! Is it October yet? :) I'm really really excited just to like really be HIS WIFE!!! :)

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Tiffany said...

You're so sweet! Thank you for thinking about me so much. It makes me feel special.

Jooste Roost said...

your thoughts are encouraging to me and Simon and I are going on 7 years in June! You sure understand a lot more about love than did 7 years ago or do now. Thank you, my friend, for sharing!