Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Learning to speak Stevenese

So Steve an I have been learning about communication... how to do it... how not to do it... This is hard sometimes I feel like we talk ourselves in circles! We'll both be saying the same thing like what we're saying agrees but we have to talk about it for an hour before our mouths and brains and ears all realize that we agree?? We can kiss and make up now OHH YAY!!! thankfully we do have these hour long conversations that go nowhere until we get where we're going we don't just throw our hands up and give up... sometimes tho its very very hard to do like "pull our hair out hard" to get there... i understand we're laying foundations for marriage and learning how to interpret eachother's thoughts and responses is all part of the mystery. A lifelong mystery that we will always be working on that we may never perfect! Thankfully we realize this is a life long process learning how to communicate we'll always have something to talk about or figure out. Hopefully with more time and less practice in the art of arguing and more in the realm of intelligent honest heartfelt discussion and expression I will learn to speak Stevenese and he will learn to speak Deairish?? and even if we can't become fluent in it perhaps just some basics would help... like "I was wrong" another few key phrases... "I'm sorry" and "I forgive you" and most importantly "I love you we can figure this out."
Fighting, disagreeing, even agreeing in different ways is always hard. Thankfully we don't do it very much. We generally communicate very well... Life has been crazy lately and we're both handling the stress and chaos as it comes. It helps so much to have eachother even when things are tense its so nice to snuggle up and watch tv and feel recharged. The promise too that tomorrow is worth waiting for works too... At a recent wedding we attended our Pastor said its about one more day... keep going... keep walking... hang in there... I like that its an ideal i'm really trying to adapt and apply during these times when Stevenese is the language spoken at our house...

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