Friday, November 6, 2009

Lessons Learned...

Being pregnant is definitely an interesting experience certainly a foreign one for the first timer like myself. There's nothing to compare too! I've read about other people's experience and people tend to share them with me but the only certainty seemingly is that normal means there is no normal...
• My body feels like my body but also like someone else's. It listens to me and feels like mine but it does all these weird new things. There are new weird twinges new weird feelings new weird responses.
• I wish I had known I'd want a bra made of sand paper so I could've started crafting one together a few months back.
• I've learned green is not just a color it's also a way of describing how I physically feel...
• I've hated egg nog my entire life... but I think I just might have to drink some this Christmas season... thick creamy sweet milky stuff what could possibly be gross about that? WHAT AM I SAYING???
• My pre-pregnancy breakfast was a couple good gulps of water then I could get up get dressed and have a snack before I started work. I learned after about 3 mornings that if the first thing in my stomach isn't food I'll be late for work.
• At 14 weeks pregnant I have officially thrown up 3 times. I have felt like I was going to throw up every day for the last month.
• No amount of ginger candy, ginger tea, ginger ale or food in general seems to make the oogy green feelings go away. Sleeping and eating seem to be the only reprieves.
• Sleep... I didn't think I could love sleep any more than I already did. I wish I could get more, it seems like I never get enough and it's getting harder to sleep. I think my bladder has an alarm that goes off every 2 hours...
• Water, How do I love thee fair water! My water bottle has never been far out of reach my whole adult life but it has never tasted so sweet so satisfying I feel like I'm learning wonderful new things about water...
• I've rediscovered the joy of tea... (Thank you Daelynn) All tea... mint tea ginger tea fruity tea... Tea is for Dea!!!
• This one is quite shocking... I Deaira Lynn Goble have almost entirely lost any desire to cook... I still love cooking mentally I still love food but actually cooking eh... I hope this is only temporary... Thanksgiving is coming soon and that's my favorite day all year!
• Weirdest cravings to date... Fish sticks, frozen nasty crunchy salty little fish sticks you feed to 5 yr olds the epitome of garbage to this foodie girl and yet I craved those... I've never voluntarily eaten a fish stick in my life! Thankfully this craving went unfulfilled and passed! I have also craved fast food like never before Taco Bell and McDonalds. The fast food you eat out of desperation I wanted it I needed it Steve reluctantly took me to McD's but he jumped at the chance to have Taco Bell.
• My favorite foods since becoming pregnant: Salad crunchy wet fresh luscious salad with salty dressing! I have also craved anything salty and meaty... Hot Dogs ( I can eat them I'm so excited!) and pepperoni... French fries and potatoes also to a lesser degree.
• I have almost completely lost my sweet tooth which is unusual for me. I will see desserts or candy but I can pass it by with little interest unless I take a bite then it's as delicious as ever.
• So far as of my last Dr. appointment I have lost 5lbs. The way I see it if I have to gain 15-20 better to start out having lost 5 :)
• I don't think I'm showing yet at all... I ditched my regular jeans a month or more ago not because they didn't fit they just weren't comfy anymore... and all of my dress slacks and other pants still fit. Steve however thinks my tummy looks rounder and cute. I have looked at myself in the mirror and thought hey wow I look good I look like I've lost weight!
• We officially don't care if it's a boy or a girl... The only time I ever have any sort of opinion about what I have is when I'm looking at baby clothes... saw the most adorable sweater dress in hot pink red orange and brown I would've snatched it up if I was willing to spend $40 on an article of clothing my child would outgrow in less than a month... I'm also far too talented with a crochet hook to put up with that nonsense.
• I've been going to trying to figure out what my tagline should say... By the provision of God a stay at home mommy that believes in natural childbirth breast feeding cloth diapering baby wearing home schooling spanking giver??? that's a lot of various qualifications to give oneself... and that's not even half of it. People identify themselves on Cafe Mom like they do in personal ads!
• A shout out to my mommy who in true mommy fashion has mothered me by helping me clean my house from time to time when all I wanna do is cuddle up on the couch and feel green.

I'm sure I could think of additional observations and lessons but this is a pretty long list for now Maybe I can reference it next time I'm pregnant.... Except none of this will be normal next time and I still have to convince Steve that we'll want to do this a 2nd... 3rd.... etc time. Its also possible after reading this he'll claim it as his manifesto against baby # 2... 3... etc


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. It's different each time. But, some things are the same. They just happen faster. LOL

Danae said...

love the list!!
Miss you!