Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tara's dress

We got Tara's dress last weekend. I'm so excited I feel like we stole it for $105. Plus its just a simple classy dress and in this dark brown color I know she can wear it again and it won't shrivel up in her closet.... Have I mentioned all of my girls are wearing different colors and styles... No two leaves are alike... Tara is wearing this Truffle color cuz i couldn't bear to put her in the burnt orange I had in mind originally not when my beautiful sis-in-law to be is a natural red head... Have I mentioned I love Tara... We clicked the moment we met. She will never replace Charel but its different Tara and I click we confide in eachother we're sisters and I love her so much! We email back and forth we talk about food... Tara is in some ways the sister to me that Charel isn't. Charel isn't lacking in anyway. Charel is my perfect sister that i have very little in common with but Tara is a sister i have everything in common with and I love them both so much! I'm thrilled I get to have both of them with me beside me on my special day. I'm so excited she'll be here for our wedding so excited to see her and smother my nephew with kisses... ok i'll admit the fact she's making me an Auntie on my wedding day gives her serious brownie points too! look at that kid how could you not love him!

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Danae said...

love the dress, love your colors...it is just around the corner!! And you will be an Auntie!!!