Thursday, September 9, 2010


Oh sweet little Joy of mine! It makes me sad to think almost 5 months of your life have passed and I have hardly recorded a thing but now when I sit down to do so all I can come up with are brief descriptions and random thoughts...

-The first month of your life.... you slept and ate pretty standard baby behavior. I adored you and loved feeling your tiny snuggly body against me. - The second month of your life you slept and ate and smiled... I had to remind myself you were supposed to get bigger that no matter how badly I wished you could be tiny and snuggly forever you would grow and be a greater joy to me for it.
-The third month of your life you woke up a little more you realized there were lights and colors and sounds and you wanted to see all of it! I called this the age of awareness...We learned to play!
- The fourth month of your life... you stopped sleeping and you started teething. 2 weeks without a REAL nap unless you were cuddled up with me... I didn't mind that but I sure missed getting things done. You laughed for the first time and I cried!
-Your nicknames are Bug, Bug-a-roo, Dude-a-roo, Jeriah-roo and Buggy

-I love reading to you, I never expected I would... I told myself "its important that you read to him" and dreaded the actual task... I was sooo thrilled to find out I enjoyed it!

-You love to play games and when Mommy sings her Jeriah songs to you!

-In the last month you've discovered what a fun guy Daddy is and he cracks you up! He introduced you to your orange Dr Seuss friend Mr. Melvin.

-You're becoming quite the little Chatterbox. Babbling on about so many little things. You have to put your 2 cents in especially when we go to Mommy's group! I think you're telling all the other babies how good life is!

-You're on the super speedway to milestone land... already rolling over tummy to back and you're so so close to going back to tummy! You're a great supported sitter and you LOVE to stand! You have a ton of strength in your legs and love to jump in the jumperoo. You'll fuss to get out but you keep jumping its the oddest thing... Like you're trying to suck every second of fun out of it.
Please don't grow too fast Bug! Every day you seem bigger especially your baby Flintstone feet! I'm so excited for the future to see you walk and talk to feed you real food! I do wish sometimes tho that I could stunt your growth for another year or so and just enjoy who you are right now today. I don't think its possible that I can ever remember all of the many many things that make up the wonderful boy you are!


Terrie said...
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Danae said...

He is soooo adorable!! Just too cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dea, he is so adorable and your blog made me cry! Can we have Maxz and Jeriah get married? I don't think she'd mind that he's younger, he's too cute!