Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hooray for Boobies!

Take that Mr Pediatrician! I haven't told many people this but at Jeriah's 2 week well baby check up I was advised by the pediatrician that he was underweight and it was suggested that I supplement with Formula. Jeriah weighed 1/2 an ounce less than the dr would have liked him to! I politely smiled and nodded knowing full well I wasn't going to give my baby a drop of it unless it became absolutely necessary. EVERYTHING I had observed from my baby showed me he was getting enough to eat. Sometimes it seemed like he could eat forever and he was going thru plenty of diapers! I knew a half an ounce could easily be made up for its 2 tablespoons for pete's sake. Jeriah was only 2 weeks old my Milk had only been in for a few days and I had a clogged milk duct to contend with I decided to keep doing what I was doing and wait and see how he grew I kept reading and researching and found some evidence and studies to support why Jeriah weighed a little less than he should and I just kept right on doing what I was doing feeding him whenever he wanted as long as he wanted. I even failed to tell my husband about the dr's advice. (he forgave me and understood why i'd held back!) I was so thrilled today when at 2 months old he weighed 10lbs 14 oz!!!
Jeriah is a wonderful little eater and has been since he was born and I love feeding him! I love snuggling him and I love the way he's so eager to eat! He flirts with me when I feed him he makes me laugh and nothing is better than a big baby smile when obstructed by a nipple and a dribble of milk on the chin! I'm so thankful that this time Mommy knew best and that he GREW and is of average height and weight! If the Dr had used the F word again at this appointment I was gonna have to find a new pediatrician! :)
God's creation of a Mommy is a perfect complete one that does miraculous things!


Dawnie Elwell said...

Heh. Only pedatrician I ever found that actually gave me advice that made sense was one in Savannah, IL, when Vanessa was about, oh, 3 or 4 months old. Grumpy old country doctor, took one look at her, listened to her fuss for a minute, then looked me dead in the eye and grumped "Girlie, feed that child, she's a bottomless pit and you look like hell. Keep breast feeding her, but, start her on solids. Lemme explain how to make babyfood to ya, not that crap they sell in the stores..." And the bottomless pit that was Vanessa still wanted to nurse and drain me dry every couple of hours, but she ate solids and stopped screaming bloody murder all the time and that was that. I think today's Doctors want to put every patient into nice neat categories, and you can't do that; each person is a unique individual with unique, individual needs. LIl' Bug looked healthy enough to me when I saw him last. And half an ounce isn't diddly. Now, if he were off a full pound that'd be worrisome. But half an ounce? Please. *SNORT*
Anyways, your instincts are dead on. (SOrry Steve. :-))

Lindsey "Lindy" Briggs said...

lol, it's great to see your passion for this subject :-) Glad Steve forgave you, very sweet and understanding of him. Be sure to share things with him, he is the head of your house, and though imperfect, God will always be with you and watch over you. If Steve ever needs to talk to another man about these sorts of things, have him call Dan -- he is all for breastfeeding, cloth diapers, natural living, etc. We have been so blessed with how much God has revealed to us lately about the dangers of just going along with what the doctor says. We shouldn't be angry with them, they are just doing what they are trained to do, but sadly that is not always what is best for the individual. Love you guys and so happy for your breastfeeding success!

Anonymous said...

I told you that you can do it! Just keep up the good work and you'll make it longer than I did with Maxz, I have a feeling!

Charel said...

that baby at the bottom totally looks like Bubba! lolz