Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Hello World... I have a secret a secret that wants to bust out of me and be told... A secret that's very hard and at the same time very exciting and I wish more than anything else that I could share it... I feel like a horrible rotten person for keeping it inside but its not for me to tell and every day I have to wait makes me want to scream louder... I have so many mixed and tangled emotions all bundled up around it and I just want it to come out so there's no more hiding or watching what I say or how I react or any of that I feel like I'm lying to my friends and I'm not but not being able to share or tell or talk to anyone about it is really making it hard for me I'm trying to be understanding but I wish it could be over soon!! Please pray for me friends pray for this mystery that I cannot share yet that God would be working in it...

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