Saturday, November 1, 2008

a Married Bubble

We have happily spent the last 3 weeks living in a little married bubble... I've temporarily abandoned Steve's sugary nickname and just call him "husband" and he's taken to calling me Mrs. Lady... I think I'll keep that nickname...I kind of feel like the last 3 weeks has flown by in a blur of marrital bliss. We forgot so many things family birthdays and anniversaries other promises and responsibilities thankfully nothing MAJOR... I went out with my mom and was shocked to see how much construction had progressed somewhere... Its like we came home on our wedding night and holed up in our little apartment and we poke our head out every so often to go to church or the grocery store but beyond that the last 3 weeks have felt safe and sound snuggled up at home with my husband (all except for those pesky 8 hours a day at work). We've settled in cleaned up unpacked and we're learning the ropes... Deaira does dishes Steve puts them away. Steve takes out trash and Deaira does laundry. We spend quiet nights at home watching tv and talking thoroughly enjoying our little married bubble. I don't know another way to describe it... I like it.... Its fun to cook dinner every night and sit down listen to my husband Thank God for the food for me and for the blessings He's given us. Its fun to pack Steve lunch and imagine him smiling wide when he finds the special treat i tucked inside. Its not at all like i imagined and yet its the best thing i've ever experienced.... Our little married bubble...

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