Tuesday, October 7, 2008

holy moly matrimony

What a crazy crazy time and week ahead of me. Can I just say even tho I only have to work 1 more day this week before I'm off for like a whole week that I really really wish I didn't have to! Still so much to do and work just seems to consume my day and when I get off I'm like ugh my brain needs to recover hahaha I come home and the last thing I wanna do is look over my last minute lists or figure out how I'm gonna take care of that or write new lists or email so and so and yet I have no other choice cuz it must be done... there are people I'm counting on who've graciously offered to help at my request who are waiting so patiently for me to wake up and give them the info they need! I can't even sleep right haha I feel guilty for sleeping. Haha then I feel guilty for being awake and not doing what I need to do....

Steve's parents and sister are on the road they left Michigan 6am EST Monday and who knows where they are now? We hope to hear from them soon! I'm so excited to see them. Deana my bridesmaid is flying into town tomorrow and I totally can't wait to see her and hug her! Steve's brother and best friend fly in weds and my Aunt and Cousins will probably be here around that time too.

Its all coming together tiny piece by piece haha Steve and I have both said tho that sometimes it feels like we haven't done anything haha we have been so busy working to get everything taken care of we haven't been able to really stop and say WOW we paid off the cake and flowers and the rental company and we have a photographer and my dress fits hahaha those things have been plaguing me for months and the load is lifted and yet I still feel the pressure of the deadline haha like these tiny last minute details can weigh as heavily as a florist bill or a too small wedding dress!

I just have to reiterate How great is Our God! His provision for our wedding for our home for our new life together is tremendous... haha My apt matches haha I have bits and pieces of furniture lovingly gifted from friends and church family and it matches like I'd planned it haha Our apt still needs help and work but Steve has been amazing unpacking and sorting he even added little homey touches its so romantic I walk in and I'm like this is our home this is where we'll live and I'll be a wife. AAAH only 5 more days to go!!!

I'm worried about the weather haha everyone has a different opinion... My Dad trusts Accuweather.com Steve is looking at the local news stations my mom is watching the national weather service website and it seems like not one of them agree on what the weather will be like next Saturday... I'm watching the one that is the most optimistic 73 degrees and no wind with plenty of sun and a 0% chance of rain. Steven my darling pessim... I mean realist is watching the one that says 62 with a 20% chance of rain and encouraging me to set up plan b. YUCK!
God is good God is good I keep reminding myself God is good and God is in control on nights when I get off work and just wanna take a nap and when I wake up in the morning and have an hour before I have to be to work and somehow my paycheck for Friday will pay for things on Thursday God is good!


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Anonymous said...

I wish so bad that I could be there will you this whole week.... and my girls and everything. But, it's probably for the best. I don't think Chloe would have walked down the isle if MY life depended on it..... I will be thinking about your and praying for you while I'm moving this weekend...