Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I think they call this a Meme???

Ok so Tiffany tagged me on myspace and i figured i would post it here too just for well i dunno something to post haha oddly enough haha coming up with these 10 random facts, goals and weird habits was stored up fodder for several unposted blogs that may turn into full length posts later on so... The odd thing about this was well it took me awhile to come up with the 10 random oddities about myself and now that i'm finished i can think of 100 more... This is for Tiffany :)

So here's 10 random facts, weird habits, goals of mine:

1. I never went to Kindergarden… I had gone to preschool for 2 years or so and when they tested me for kindergarden they said I was smart enough to go straight into first grade.
2. I have eaten some seriously incredible food in my life! Foie gras and truffles, pan seared tuna and wild mushroom risotto… but if I had to choose my favorite food I would pick a cheeseburger and a chocolate milkshake.
3. I would have made a great hippie, a long haired flower child wearing loose flowy clothes and singing on street corners… peace love and rock and roll!!! If not for God's supreme wisdom in my birth 30 years later i probably would have been one of those pot smoking, free your mind, dancing around naked chicks at woodstock hahaha and I would have cried buckets when the Beatles broke up...
4. The only thing I have ever wanted to be was a mommy even when I was 4 yrs old I wanted to grow up to be a mommy… that being said Steve is more wonderful than I could have ever imagined and if for any reason we don’t have kids I will be content to live my whole life as his wife.
5. I have never met a vegetable I don’t like, brussel sprouts, cabbage, beets… you name it I’ll eat it!!! The #1 food I dislike is weird funny cheese. I hate bleu cheese and soft goat cheese anything triple cream makes me gag.
6. I hope to someday travel thru Europe and Steve and I would like to visit Japan for our 10 year wedding anniversary.
7. I love to color with crayons in coloring books even at 27 yrs old its relaxing and fun for me.
8. Mosquito’s find me a rare delicacy. The first week I was in Texas I looked like I had an exotic disease I had so many mosquito bites.
9. I was born and raised in the same church that I’m getting married at and if its God’s will the same church I will raise my children in.
10. Tiffany is my best (girl) friend and the reason why i'm doing this. She is also the mother of my favorite kid in the whole world. Sammi is my kindred spirit in miniature. Tiffany is also going to be one of my bridesmaids :D I love her to pieces She's the girlfriend i can and do share everything with and tell everything to. I met her when i was going to school in Oregon and I miss her every single day! (Steve is my #1 bestest friend in the whole wide world and i'm so blessed by him! )

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Tiffany said...

Hey, it's ME. LOL :)